Hey gang. Went out to Loxahatchee State Park this weekend, about a fifteen minute drive from my door! On the access road, Mr. Heron warbled and sang, warbled and sang, warbled still.

The Florida Everglades is in fact a river, moving at about a fifth of a mile per hour south, about seventy miles wide! Made up of these flowered weed barriers that are not attached to the bottom, it provides a haven for thousands of species, fish and fowl alike.

This is my spot for gator-watching, but alas! None on Saturday to be found dotting their eyes and noses up for a peek. The wind made it a cool 70 this weekend, so they were probably up sunning themselves for whatever warmth they could get. But I digress.

Airboat rides are a must!

Cattle make good alligator happy meals! I mean, what's he thinking?